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The Language Lowdown

Starting today I’ll be posting a page on each of the languages I speak, want to speak, have friends who speak, or know people who want to speak. That’s going to make for a lot of languages. The format will be simple, on each page there will be a section about the language, it’s history and a few interesting facts about it, entitled The Skinny. Of course, that in itself wouldn’t be anything you can’t find on Wikipedia, so the substance will lie in the next two sections The Scoop and The Journal. At least that’s what I plan for now.

The Scoop will deal with the reasons to learn the language, both the logical and the emotional, the things that can hook you into it. I’ll cover everything from the beauty of the language itself, the cultural heritage it opens you up to, the job prospects and even the intellectual reasons.

The Journal will be more personal. For languages I speak, which I’ll be starting with, I’ll post experience I’ve had learning the language. For those I don’t, I’ll talk about stories I’ve heard, or if need be, I’ll seek them out.

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